Howdy Y’all! Aunt Sassy’s Slightly Naughty Sauce is Still Available Online at Abe’s Market! Head Over to Their Site to Get Your Slightly Naughty Fix!



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Got a Hankering for
Something Slightly Naughty?

You know you do, honey pie.

Based on a secret family recipe, Aunt Sassy’s All Natural Slightly Naughty Sauce is so delicious, so instantly addictive, folks haven’t been able to get enough of it for generations. Once available only to friends and family, now you can get some too.

Our Slightly Naughty Sauces are:

All Natural, Gluten Free, No MSG, No High Fructose Corn Syrup and GMO Free!

Just what is Slightly Naughty Sauce?

We’re not telling. But please, pay attention to the warning labels above!

We CAN say that Aunt Sassy has a heart o’ gold – honey that is – making it a perfect dipping sauce, marinade, best friend to a burger and fries (shoot, you might not even miss your ketchup!) and overall BBQ companion.  Lately she’s been moving other sauces outta the way and becoming a dinner’s best pal.

Learn more about the Sassy story HERE.  Better yet, satisfy your Sassy side and get some today!

Aunt Sassy makes her sauce the “all natural” way. It’s best to stay away from processed ingredients now, ya hear? Our slightly naughty sauce is just naturally good!

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